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Paradise Park News & Updates

To Owners,

This note is to provide additional information on the upcoming TV Service changes within the Park.


Historically your annual maintenance dues have paid for basic TV cable service to all the lots. Our TV provider is Eastlink and our 2014 budget for this service was $8900. Eastlink is in the process of converting their analog cable signals to digital cable over the course of the next year.  They started converting the analog channels to digital early July. Their process to upgrade our services requires them to do an initial site survey at each property (completed) and determine the technical requirements for upgrading the particular building, then book an installation date (booked for Wednesday, September 24, 2014). The installation will put a digital box at each TV set. Digital cable is an additional $5.95/outlet per month (box rental) but they will offer it free for the first 12 months. This is a standard industry upgrade that we have no option but to accept. Telus is also going through a similar upgrade but are several months behind Eastlink.

Benefits from the upgrade

Each lot will be provided with a digital box for their TV which can be activated remotely and have individualized channel packages. The potential benefit from “activated remotely” boxes is cost saves from temporarily disconnecting TV Service on the lots that are not utilizing the service because they are warm weather seasonal Park users that are not around through the winter months.  There is a reconnection fee so we want to do this as an annual procedure (ie TV service off Oct/15 and on Apr/15).

If an Owner wants to enhance their TV service with either a second digital box or additional channels, they can set up a Tennant Agreement directly with Eastlink (contact Marianne Doe, Ph 902-446-1302, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Eastlink will bill the owner directly for any additional service over the standard Bulk Agreement that the Park has.


The Park will continue to pay for the basic TV service to all lots and this will include the new $5.95/month amount for the digital boxes. We expect that our annual TV services costs will be under the budgeted amount because of savings from the seasonal 6 month service disconnection.

Owner Action Items

  1. Eastlink’s installer will be in the Park Sep/24, if you want the new digital box installed you will need to be on site OR provide the park with your permission and a key to your RV. For absent Owners or Owners that do not have their RV in the Park, we will be obtaining digital boxes assigned to their lot and holding them until the Owner is in the Park. For those in this situation, the box installation will be a ‘do it yourself’.
  2. The Park is accountable for this $200 digital box. It is issued to the Owner who is obligated to return it to the Park when they sell their lot.
  3. Owners to complete and return the following:
  4. Do you require a digital box? ____Yes   ____No
  5. Are you going to be at your RV Sep/24?  ____Yes  ____No

   If yes, do you give Eastlink permission to enter your RV and install the digital box?  ____Yes _____No

    If no, are you going to provide your RV key to the Park?  ____Yes   ____No

  1. If you are seasonal Park user do you choose to have your TV service off Oct/15 to Apr/15?  ____Yes ____No
  2.  Do you agree to be responsible for the $200 Digital box? _____Yes  ____No

Lot # : ________

Owner Signature: __________________      Date: ______________

We will be adding “TV Services” to the April/2015 AGM agenda to go over the these changes and other ideas.

Randy North for the Park Directors


Paradise Park has 2 sheds for recycling, located on the path to the beach. The shed closest to the road is for pop cans, beer cans, and any containers that have a deposit when you purchase them. The second shed closest to the beach is for other materials that can be recycled but no deposit has been paid on them. For a full list of what can be recycled go to Return It.

The recycle shed is manned by volunteers, so please keep it neat, tidy and organized.



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