Paradise Park News & Updates

To the Owners,

Emergency access on the Park’s roadways has been an issue for some time. The Park’s Directors are currently reviewing adding lines on the roadways (park common property) to clearly designate the emergency access lanes. Some white dots have been placed on the roadways to help visualize potential emergency access lanes and the impact they would have on the Park/Owners.

The Town’s emergency response  folks are after 6 meters of roadway as that is the standard width by BC Building Code. The Park has failed to pass the Town's fire access inspection for the last several years (last inspection results posted on the clubhouse door). Marking access lanes would demonstrate that the Park is trying to maintain emergency access even where we are physically restrained.  We understand the concern over potential loss of parking and through our discussions with the Town will be trying to ensure a solution that is acceptable to the Owners.

Park Directors