Paradise Park News & Updates

To The Owners,

The Town of Osoyoos has approved the Park's application for the zoning change to the Town's Foreshore Bylaw #1294. The Park is now in the appropriate W3 Group/Strata zone for boat moorage as opposed to the incorrect W2 Private moorage. With this re-zoning, the Park has approval for 10 moorage slips at the dock and 15 buoys in Solana Bay.

The Town of Osoyoos has stated in the past, and more recently at the Council's June site visit to the Park, that mooring boats on the beach is not an acceptable practice. Although this has not been enforced in the past, the Town has indicated that they may start enforcing this in the future. Beach moorage is not acceptable in any of the zones (ie W1, W2, W3 or W4).