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Appendix B - Dock & Moorage Rules

(Approved at Apr/25/2015 AGM)

Boat and Dock Management:

The following defines specific dock usage, safety aspects, environmental considerations, and construction which are required to comply with Crown Lands regulations and the dock permit. Since Paradise Park operates primarily as a vacation destination and receives its heaviest use during the months of late May through to September dock use is regulated accordingly.

1. Dock Operational Period

Moorage at the dock will be confined to the period May 1 to September 30 on an annual basis. This will provide the minimum depth required for moorage (0.8m) and reduce any risk to ecosystem values. Park rules specify that loading and unloading of boats occur at the end (deepest portion) of the dock and this practice will continue. Boats will not be allowed to be stored at the dock beyond this time frame and owners will be required to remove their boats and store them on land for the winter season.

2. Slip Allocation

Boats that require the largest draft, such as wake boats with fixed propellers, will be assigned the outer slips while boats with engine tilt controls will utilize the shallower berths. Standard boat owner practice is to raise their leg tilt on approach to their berths to avoid propeller contact with the lake bottom.

3. Boat Speed

Boat operating speeds anywhere within Solana Bay are presently regulated to a no-wake speed of 10 kph. Paradise Park boaters are well aware of this regulation and exercise caution especially near their dock.

4. Low Lake Level

It is recognized that if water levels fall below a point where environmental damage may occur from boat use then operation of water vessels may be ceased. One option would be to relocate the floating dock further from the beach in deeper water if this occurs.

5. Dock Construction Window

As part of the original application for an increase in dock size and a change in tenure, an Environmental Impact Assessment was prepared and this report determined that there will be no negative impacts to fish and/or aquatic species. In fact, with the revised plan to relocate the floating dock 9.1m outward from the existing location, risk of impacts will be further reduced. It is recognize that the work window for this location is closed from April 1 to July 1 and no changes will be made during this period. This work window is designed to protect spawning bass and other warm water species. The Environmental Impact Assessment found the substrate composition in this location is not suitable as bass spawning habitat as they normally will require more cover protection afforded by rock, wood or aquatic plants. A survey for mussels was also completed in the dock area and none were found.

6. Environmental Supervision for Dock Construction

During the dock upgrade construction work environmental supervision and monitoring will be performed by Paradise Park’s consultant Lakestream Environmental Services, Brain Jantz.

7. Finger Float Construction

The floats on the new fingers should be constructed as discontinuous with 1m spacing and will ensure that these measures are followed.

Dock Moorage Rules


These dock moorage rules provide a framework for paying, allocating and usage of future moorage slips.


  1. The dock is part of the Park's common area. The dock is available for general use, fishing, and loading/unloading of boats on the end tee. The proposed dock will consists of a ramp, spine, two end tee fingers, and up to four side moorage fingers. The usage of the 6-10 moorage slips at the dock will be defined by these moorage rules.

  2. All dock permitting and maintenance costs are covered by the Park's annual maintenance budget.


  1. Assigned Moorage

    The intent of assigned moorage at the dock is to ensure that there is an orderly and fair allocation and usage of the dock moorage slips. The dock's loading and unloading area is not included in this assigned moorage. In the busy summer months there can be up to 35 boats resulting in a high demand for buoys, beach, and dock space.

    1. Assigned Moorage is in effect Jun/30 to Aug/30 for Owners (this does not apply to renters that are subletting a lot). The moorage slips outside this period are available on a first come basis and at no charge.

    2. Owners will be required to request assign moorage by May/1. For the weeks a moorage slip has not been assigned, the Park will rent this slip out (see attached Dock Moorage Booking form) on a first come basis.

    3. A moorage slip will be rented for $100 per week (a week being 3 or more consecutive days) throughout the period from Jun/30 to Aug/30. Subletting of a slip is not allowed. Slip rental income will go to General Park revenue.

    4. Since we want the moorage slips fully utilized through the busy summer weeks, they are not to be used for storing a boat. If a boat is not going to be used for 7 consecutive days it shall be moved off the dock

    5. The Park will maintain an assigned moorage list and post it in the clubhouse during the Jun/30 to Aug/30 period.

    6. Assigned moorage will be based on seniority, the date the Owner provided a written commitment requesting summer moorage.

Sample Dock Moorage Booking


The dock moorage slips and their usage is defined in the Park's rules. This dock moorage booking form is used to detail the weeks that the slips have been booked throughout the Jun/30 to Aug/30 period. Note, dock moorage outside this period is on a first come basis with no rental costs. This form will be posted on the clubhouse bulletin board.


If there is an available week shown below, an Owner can self book by putting their Lot number and signature on that week and then depositing a payment cheque ($100/week) under the office door.

Month/Year: June and July 2015 (sample)


Slip #Date (week)
Jun-30 - Jul-6Jul-7 - Jul-13Jul-14 - Jul-20Jul-21 - Jul-27Jul-28 - Aug-3

Paradise Dock Assigned Moorage Owners and Waitlist

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Paradise Park has 2 sheds for recycling, located on the path to the beach. The shed closest to the road is for pop cans, beer cans, and any containers that have a deposit when you purchase them. The second shed closest to the beach is for other materials that can be recycled but no deposit has been paid on them. For a full list of what can be recycled go to Return It.

The recycle shed is manned by volunteers, so please keep it neat, tidy and organized.



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