Friday, December 03, 2021

Paradise Park News

Greetings All;

I have been asked by owners for an update on the various projects going on in the Park so to keep everyone in the loop I`m providing this summary.

Clubhouse Painting and Cleanup:

As most of you  are aware, the clubhouse painting and cleanup project has made a huge improvement. Some new furniture is probably needed but we agreed to leave that to another year. The old bulletin board that was used for “For Sale” or “For Rent” notices has been removed. We are planning to place a smaller tidier version on the exterior of the building that will utilize 3” x 5”cards for advertising your lot.

Pool Deck Furniture:

Some nice furniture was selected for the pool area. The approved budget did limit the number of chairs/loungers purchased, however we can budget for additional loungers, etc, next year if people feel they`re required. 

Dock Improvement Assessment/Study and Permit:

We hired a consultant, Brian Jantz at Lakestream Environmental Services, who has completed the Environmental Impact Assessment Report for re-permitting and redeveloping our dock. The report has been reviewed by the Town of Osoyoos Community Planner who was impressed. The report and a permit application have been submitted to the Provincial Integrated Land Management department for their review and approval. The process is expected to take approximately 2 months. After the Provincial approval is obtained, we will have to go back to the Town of Osoyoos for their approval.

The 24 page Assessment Report will be printed and posted in the clubhouse for your perusal.

Also, we have offered a Jul/1 to Sep/1, 2013 dock moorage rental to the owners that expressed an interest in paying for dock moorage. Two owners have agreed to pay $700 each to rent a spot on the right side of the dock (looking from the beach) for this period. The money raised from this rental will be applied to future dock improvements. The end and left side of the dock is available for normal day use.

Gas (propane) Non-Compliance Correction:

As you may recall, we had over 80 non-compliance issues with the propane systems on various lots. I am pleased to say that almost all of these deficiencies have been corrected. We have requested that the BC Safety Authority close the outstanding inspection non-compliance safety order they wrote against the Park. We are expecting their safety officer to revisit.  This was a disruptive and costly issue to many of the owners and it`s good to have it completed.

Electrical Infrastructure Code Compliance Inspection and Repair:

The Electrician, Lee Blaine at Valley View Electric, has completed the maintenance and review of the Park’s electrical system. We are pleased to report that only minor issues were found with the Park’s electrical infrastructure up to the 30a breaker at the lot. However, we did find a number of electrical code issues at the lot service boxes and on a number of lots.

To be clear, the Park’s responsibility includes the lot service box, power meter, 30a breaker, additional 15a (if used), and a 30a receptacle or wire to a lot owners` junction box. All of these Park components have been checked and made code compliant. There were a number of non-code compliant issues seen on the lots that are the owners responsibility to correct with a certified electrician. Remember, all outdoor plugs need to be ground fault protected (gfci) and extension cords and trailer cords are not approved to be buried. Some more specific electrical problems were seen and those lot owners will be advised.

We have requested that the BC Safety Authority Electrical Inspector close the outstanding inspection non-compliance safety order they wrote against the Park. Again, we should expect to see the Electrical Inspector back in our Park doing further inspections.

Just as a reminder, Owners are not to work on or change any of the Park`s electrical infrastructure. Changes or maintenance related problems with the Park`s electrical system are to be completed by a certified Electrician after Director approval.

Wireless Internet Upgrade:

At our AGM, there was a discussion about the poor wireless internet system in the Park and a commitment to review and improve this. We are in the process of replacing the wireless internet system and are hoping to have a much improved system operational by the end of July. 




Paradise Park has 2 sheds for recycling, located on the path to the beach. The shed closest to the road is for pop cans, beer cans, and any containers that have a deposit when you purchase them. The second shed closest to the beach is for other materials that can be recycled but no deposit has been paid on them. For a full list of what can be recycled go to Return It.

The recycle shed is manned by volunteers, so please keep it neat, tidy and organized.



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